A Prescription for Murder

This BBC-production shows us that all the terrible school shooting that has taken place in The US was committed by young people, who had been prescribed SSRI. Horrible.

The person on photo, -who because of medication turned into a mass murderer -changed completely after having started on the SSRI’s. From being a shy and lovable boy he turned into a bully with cold empty eyes. He told his psychiatrist, that something was wrong and that the medication didn’t do him well. The result was that his dosis was increased. This practise we all know far too well. It must stop

Governments must take control and stop this far too generous prescribing of SSRI’s. The doctors that prescribes psychotropic without following his patient closely afterwards and of course write down a plan for the tapering out of the medication, this doctor must be held responsible for all the death and crimes committed in the slipstream of his action.

The young mans intension was to die after having fulfilled his malicious act, but something went wrong and instead he was caught and can look forward to ten times lifetime in prison








Press the link and see the film.




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