Should psychiatrists be more cautious about long-term use of prophylactic use of antipsychotics

A brilliant article from the British Journal  of Psychiatry from November 2016.

And YES they should be much more cautious. But I am very happy for the article in the British Journal of Psychiatry as it tells us that the psychiatrists now have started to doubt that long-time use of antipsychotics is without risks. The article underlines that the wise psychiatrists should regularly review each patient while giving the person his medication. They emphasise that antipsychotic treatment is valuable in acute psychotic episode but that the psychiatrist shall slowly reduce the antipsychotics to the lowest dose afterwards.

At the same time the scientific articles tells us that they in reality don’t know anything about the long-time effect of the -in my opinion- very dangerous medicines. There am I a bit surprised. Because anybody who knows a person in psychiatric treatment must have noticed that their acquaintances changes a lot during the treatment periode. First of all the patients put on a lot of weight (just look at my lovely Luise at the photo above). They often start making strange movements with all their body (Dystonia), they get extremely restless and has to move all the time (Akathisia). Lots of other changes can be seen. Can’t the psychiatrists see those changes? I wonder. But anyway I am happy that the treatment ideology is about to change



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