World needs “revolution” in mental health care – UN rights expert GENEVA (6 June 2017) 

Luise tyk 1_000001

My beautiful, lovely daughter Luise after ‘so-called treatment’ in psychiatry. How can the psychiatrists live with what they do to people. They damage their patients for life. Luise deteriorated from the very first day she had psychotropics. She got more and more passive. She soon got most of the described symptoms of a serious mental health illness, which she then was treated for (she didn’t have the symptoms from the starting point). Luise died from their treatment. She died suddenly and unexpectedly. Two hours before her death is written in the hospital records: ” The patient is now  much better and is ready to be discharged from the ward.” On Luises death certificate is written: Cause of death/unknown. Anyone who has been in contact the the psychiatric system knows well that the cause of death is careless and dangerous treatment a in mental health care -one could describe it as murder- Luise was forced to take four times the doses of psychotropics that the guidelines advise. She was treated with polyfarmacy (with seven different psychotropics at the same time)

Below is the book I wrote about Luises damaging treatment which killed her:

Dear Luise -a story of power and powerlessness in Danish Psychiatric Care



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