Memorial for our beloved who died in psychiatric treatment.

Cause‘Cause of Death: Unknown’. Is a documentary by Anniken Hoel. It is a beautifull and poetic film about Annikens sister, who died suddenly and unexpectedly in psychiatric treatment.
At the same time ‘Cause og Death:Unknown uncovers psychiatries trail of death in fine acts with the pharmaceutical companies.
The association Dead in Psychiatric Care held a demonstration outside Grand Teatret the 20th of March, the night of the world premiere. We were thirty to forty people standing with pictures of our children, who died in psychiatric care. See example:

This demonstration was held as evidence of the cruelty committed against our beloved.

“After her sister died director Anniken Hoel begins a global investigation into the crimes of the pharmaceutical industry and the corruption of the government regulatory agencies that have failed, repeatedly, to protect us. Anniken as she seeks answers regarding not only the death of her sister, but of the tens of thousands worldwide who have also met a similar fate. CAUSE OF DEATH: UNKNOWN exposes the inner workings and motivations of a powerful industry that continually puts profits before people.


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