Dear Luise in TV1 Russia

I’m very honored to have been invited to talk about my dear Luises horrible treatment in psychiatry.
Russian TV wants to make a program with professor Peter Gotzsche about how deadly and dangerous psychiatric medication is. In this connection they want to hear my dear Luises story about about how she indirectly and directly was forced to take those dangerous psychotropics that killed her. It is such a heartbreaking story that unfortunately is happening to a lot of people in the Western world. Many people die from the psychiatric treatment and a great amount of people are disabled for life by those dangerous pills. Luise your courage and sufferings will never be forgotten not a single minute by me.

Dear Mrs. Christensen,
My name is Sergey, I am the reporter of production studio from Moscow. TV channel “Russia-1” and Regional public organization “Association “Nashe Kino” are making a documentary (44 min.), dedicated to deadly and dangeorous medicines (especially about those used in psychiatry). We know the sad story of your daughter… Could we ask you for an interview in Copenhagen for the mentioned film (to tell our multimillion and international audience about the danger of some medicines and wrong medical treatment)? Would it be possible for you to meet with our TV crew in Copenhagen in the 28th or 29th of November (our team is going to work in Denmark – to make an interview with Mr. Peter C. Gotzsche, for example)? 

We hope to hear favourable response from you. Thanks in advance!

Best regards,

Sergey Sokov



2 kommentarer to “Dear Luise in TV1 Russia”

  1. kayakangst Says:

    This is great news, Mrs Cato! I hope your interview and the documentary work out well.

  2. dorrit42 Says:

    thank you so much

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