Abolish Forced Treatment

Peter Gørzsche 18. Juni 2016. Mad in America988469_10203712881442933_5627895627013907309_n


Professor Peter Gøtzsche says: I believe the arguments I present in the paper are very strong and hope the paper can be helpful in our struggle to change a horribly inhumane and unjust system where patients’ rights are being routinely ignored, not rarely with deadly consequences. I submitted it to two medical journals in a shorter version, but it was rejected.


Acknowledgements: I have been inspired by the hundreds of patient stories I have received from patients or their relatives; by the many previous patients who have reclaimed their life and escaped from psychiatry and now call themselves psychiatric survivors; and by my collaboration with lawyer Jim Gottstein and previous Supreme Court lawyer Ketil Lund, psychiatrists Peter Breggin, David Healy, Joanna Moncrieff and Neill McLaren, science journalist Robert Whitaker, psychologist John Read, and Dorrit Cato Christensen, the mother of the young Danish woman killed by antipsychotic drugs who established the organisation “Death in Psychiatry.”


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