Psychiatric drugs does a lot of harm. And it kills



My dear Luise THUMBNAIL_IMAGE died because of arrogance and carelessness from the psychiatrists who should have “helped” her. Luise knew towards the end, what was happening. She said: “On my gravestone I want it to say that it was the medicine that killed me”.

Psychiatric drugs, as they are used today are extremely dangerous.
The psychiatrists arrogance and carelessness are the reason for an incredible amount of underreported deaths. People take their own lives, they kill and they are killed.
Skammens grav 22.augSkams grav 22.aug

The gravestone is placed on “The grave of shame” in Oslo. Under the stone is buried a lot of unnamed people with a diagnose.  I am ashamed


3 kommentarer to “Psychiatric drugs does a lot of harm. And it kills”

  1. markps2 Says:

    Only a few can tell the story of un-nessary deaths from psychiatric drugs.

    • dorrit42 Says:

      Dear whoever you are. I wonder why you send this comment, showing that you have absolutely no knowledge about nor interest in the subject.

  2. markps2 Says:

    What? I had a typo unnessary=unnecessary.
    I have knowledge, experience and interest about psychiatric drugs.

    The dead can not speak, only the survivors can speak, if they can still speak after being tortured by psychiatry.

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